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Hi all, One of my favourite topics: Netsuite ;-) Here's what I'm trying to do: QUERY an employee record on a custom field. However, the NS connector doesn't return an XML. When I "Query" or "Get" the same record on internalId, it works. So the record is there, including the custom field value. When executing a data deployment with Salesforce upsert, you need an external Id field in each of the objects from which you want to deploy records so that Additionally, you have to populate a value for this field in each of the records that you are going to deploy. This might seem like a lot of work, but...Oct 02, 2018 · NetSuite will undoubtedly build a library of standard reports over time, but for now, users will need to create their own queries. Be sure to search SuiteAnswers for Article ID: 77309 which contains links to detailed instructions to create more than 20 different workbooks. BarTender is a trusted barcode & labeling software for large operations. Take a look at how BarTender can manage your enterprise barcode & labeling needs.